In the spring of 2002 we founded Süsstrunk & Jericke GmbH in order to put our combined extensive experience in photography and digital retouching to use.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we create distinct looks for campaigns and editorials. Because of our modus operandi using complex composing techniques, we can make our clients’ ideas come true. Standardized color management equipment enables us to make sure the colors look the same in print as they do on screen. This way, you can be certain that your printed images will look just like they did on the monitor.
We have worked on images with much love and great attention to detail for years. Image retouching is quintessentially a visual enhancement process that polishes the image and allows the vision behind the photograph to come through and shine, and utilizing the great potential of the digital medium we endeavor to find the point at which the individual elements start coming together and acting as a delicately composed entity. To us, retouching an image is simply bringing it to essential, natural-looking perfection. In our hands the image becomes whole smoothly, with even the subtlest of nuances carefully attended to and refined. Our challenge lies in passing the impossible as reality.
Our work remains invisible but makes your image stand out.